Homies Tee Half-White


‘Me and My होमिज़’ Tee – where friendship and nostalgia collide in style! Embrace the bond of camaraderie with this playful yet meaningful design.
At the heart of this tee lies the word ‘होमिज़’ (Homies), meticulously crafted using the appliqué technique, adding depth and texture to your wardrobe. Behind this vibrant display, three adorable bunnies take centre stage, strolling arm in arm, embodying the essence of friendship.
As you slip into this tee, let the memories of laughter-filled adventures and late-night chats flood your mind. Whether it’s reminiscing about childhood escapades or celebrating the present moments, this tee serves as a tribute to the cherished bonds we share with our closest pals.
With each wear, let the message resonate: ‘Me and my homies, side by side, through thick and thin.’ It’s a reminder that no matter where life takes us, our friendships remain steadfast and true.
So, wear it proud, and let the world know – it’s not just a tee, it’s a symbol of the beautiful connections that make life truly meaningful.


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Tshirt specs:-

– 100% cotton
– Weight 230 gsm
– ⁠High density and puff print
– No Restocking

Wash Care:-

– Dry Clean Only

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